Safe In Israel II: The Attorney Saves the Rabbi

We enjoy a wonderful dinner at Asian restaurant as our group looks forward to its firs full day of touring tomorrow.


My lost luggage has been found, so all’s well that ends well on that score!

But it is a miracle that I got here at all.

The miracle worker was Attorney Barry Roth, who has spent more hours than anyone can imagine working out the logistics of our trip!

Barry graciously offered to drive me from Sanibel to Miami because he, his partner Ying and I were all on the same flights … or so we thought. But the absent minded rabbi failed to notice that his flight was leaving several hours earlier than Barry’s.

I realized my mistake when at a rest stop along Alligator Alley, I got a text saying my flight leaves in two hours.

It was then that Barry turned into a skilled race car driver.

He covered the distance to the airport in world record time, jumped out of the car, helped me curbside check my bag and because of him without a moment to spare I made my plane.

Now we are all here and ready for our tour. While the rest of the group enjoyed a marvelous tour of the City of David excavations, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of first year American Rabbinical and Cantorial Students at Hebrew UnionCollege in Jerusalem!

We are filled with excitement as we enjoy a scrumptious dinner at a wonderful Israeli Asian restaurant.

1000 thanks to Barry Roth for getting me here and arranging a trip I am sure no one will ever forget!

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