A Test for the Nation

As the first presidential debate is about to take place, I want to be clear where I stand on this contest.

Finding Ourselves In The Bible

I do not like Hillary Clinton. I never have. Her Wall Street speeches, the texts of which she won’t reveal, top my list of things about her that I find distasteful. Her business dealings over the years have more than raised eyebrows.

But(and this but is huge)

Her debits pale compared to those of Donald Trump. For months we have seen this bombastic, self-centered misogynist pandering to the fears of America’s working class.

But his record speaks for itself. Time and time again he has exploited people—especially workers– ruthlessly for his own gain.

Sadly for me this election is a choice between the lesser of two evils.

That said it is a no brainer.

Ms Clinton’s background, and her experience as first lady, Senator, and Secretary of State have groomed her for the office she has hoped all her life to attain.

Yes, she is willing to say…

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2 thoughts on “A Test for the Nation

  1. As an evangelical Christian I could never vote for someone who plans to trash Israel and end its unique position as our treaty [partner. She also applauds and takes money form a group of people sworn to destroy our country, Israel (1st 2 on the iist) and then every other one. When the Democrats come up with someone who values this country, they can run her or him instead.


  2. I understand your concerns ccree, but as I frequently say: “We have all been expelled from the Garden of Eden.” There are only two people that stand a chance of winning this election. We each have to make our choice of which candidate we like better if we want our vote to count, or at least we must decide which candidate do we dislike less. I have made my choice, and you are free to make yours.


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