A Dream Come True!


Since I first came to Germany in 2011 I realized that most of the Jews living here today are native Russian speakers. I am thrilled, therefore to announce that my book, What’s in It for Me? Finding Ourselves in Biblical Narratives has just come out in Russian.

The book is due to the vision of Pastor Ursula Sieg, President and CEO of Mutual Blessing Edition,  the company she founded a year ago to facilitate the publication of the German translation of my book.

I am overjoyed that Russian speakers will have access to this concise interpretive non-Orthodox perspective on the narratives in the Torah. I pray that this volume will help Russian speakers appreciate the ways biblical stories can affect our lives for the better.

The translation into Russian was prepared by Alexandra Oks, and I am most grateful to her. I also gratefully thank Dr. Serafine Christine Kratzke for her skillful work on the layout of the book.

It will be a while before all of the logistics involved in establishing a system for distribution of the book can be worked out, but for now I am very happy that we have reached this milestone.

My colleagues who work in and for the Russian communities will be the first to receive copies. I hope they will be of help in opening doors to enable the book to reach more people who might benefit from it.


3 thoughts on “A Dream Come True!

  1. Hi Cree! My symbol is the Hebrew Letter “Kof.” It has a “K” sound and is the first letter of the word “Kadosh” which means “holy.” When I was a child I had a book of stories about the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. My favorite story was about the letter “Kof” also sometimes transliterated as “Qof.”


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