Oh, I hate Cold Weather

How do you feel about cold weather?

After four years at Hamilton College in upstate NY, I hate the cold. Ever since the time in February when our hockey team, for which I logged more bench time than ice time, played MIT in Boston, outdoors and at night, I have been cold.

Six years ago we moved to Sanibel, Florida when I became Rabbi of Bat Yam Temple of the Islands. This past fall Hurricane Ian devastated our home, our synagogue and the whole island. Recovery is slow. But we are coming back!

Now that I have retired from my position, we shall still live in Sanibel. We love the people, we love the weather, we love our home, and we love the fact that wearing just shorts and a tee shirt, we can comfortably p,any tennis outdoors in February.

As I have often written, “We have all been expelled from the Garden of Eden.” I.e, nobody has it perfect. That said I will trade the downside of living on Sanibel for not being cold any day of the week. I hate to be cold.

3 thoughts on “Oh, I hate Cold Weather

  1. It’s amazing how our bodies get used to warmer weather, and the older we get, the more “used to it” we become. Edina & Alan


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  2. Calendar Date: Tuesday, May 23rd, (2023)

    Dear Rabbi Fuchs,

    Shalom Aleichem ( ❤ ).

    I hope that you, Wife Vickie and Family — both individually as well as collectively — are faring well with the whirl-wind of a Spring Season now in the rear-view mirror.

    It's ALWAYS nice to hear your voice, Dear Rabbi.

    Again — both individually as well as collectively — Mazal Tov ( ❤ ) ! to you, your Son, and also your Daughter.

    Please take the utmost care.

    Best always.

    Aleichem Shalom,

    Mark David

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