A Tale of Two Hernias

It was early March in 1953. My mother and I sat in the office of Dr.Roman Kawalik, a surgeon who told us I needed an operation to repair a hernia.

“Can it wait until after his birthday?” I remember my mom asking.

“When is his birthday?” the doctor asked in return.

“March 16,” my mother answered.

“Bring him to the hospital on March 17,” Dr. Kawalik responded.

And so on March 17, 1953, Stephen Fuchs returned to East Orange General Hospital where he had entered the world 7 years earlier.

It was a six-day stay.

Tomorrow, when I enter Healthpark Medical Center at 8:15 AM for my second hernia operation, the estimate is that I shall walk out six hours later.

Still, I admit that I am frightened . It might be a minor procedure for Dr. Salomon Levy Miranda, but it will feel like a major assault on my body very close to the most sensitive area of all.

I marvel at how far medical science has progressed in the 67 years between my two hernia procedures. But I won’t breathe easier until it is over, and sufficient time passes for me to resume normal activities.

I would appreciate any and all prayers.


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21 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Hernias

  1. You have prayers from me , Dave and Allison so I know the triple prayer path will see you safely through. I know that no operation is ever “small” when the person they are operating on is YOU, but after the ones in your past, this should be a small blip on your Sanibel adventure. I bet your first post-op question will be “when can I go back to playing tennis?”

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  2. May you have a wonderful and speedy recovery my friend… all will be great and you will be renovated!!. many blessings for you and Vikie… chag Succot Sameach!!!

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  3. Dear Rabbi, We hope this operation will be a success and you will have no more problems. Get well soon. Warmly, Dorothy and Morty Zablotsky


  4. You’re in my prayers. Since I’m just seeing this, your procedure must be over. Hopefully, you’re safely back in the comfort of your home.


  5. Whew ! Glad that’s behind you ! Please TAKE CARE of Yourself… and don’t rush it… As my very wise Mother said, “one foot in front of the other; one day at a time” ! xxxooo’s


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