At the Surgeon

In the waiting room.

Whew! With God’s help and Vickie’s, I survived Rosh Hashanah.

Now, we are sitting in the waiting room of the surgeon to whom we were referred in the emergency room early Rosh Hashanah morning.

The diagnosis is inguinal hernia. Will it need surgery? If so, how soon?

Sitting here my mind wanders back to my first hernia surgery on March 17, 1953. I had just turned seven years old. Back then my hernia occasioned a six-day hospital stay. My lingering memory from back then is that everyone wanted to cheer me up by making me laugh. The problem was laughing hurt like hell.

Now, they say, hernias are either outpatient or one night in the hospital affairs.

Mostly I am concerned about my ability or lack thereof to exercise during these next several weeks. We shall see.

After the visit

Well … yes, I need surgery, but the good news it’s it can wait until after Yom Kippur. Vickie and I both felt very comfortable with Dr. Salomon Levy Miranda of Venezuela. He explained the robotic procedure he opts to use, and we both felt we are in very good hands. Barring complications it will be outpatient.

Unfortunately, it will be several weeks until I can play tennis again. That is a big concern because, honestly, it is tennis and the ability to play frequently and vigorously that has kept me sane and fit during these months of pandemic. But I will pray the prayer of Rabbi Nahum of Gamzu:

גם זו יעבר. And this too shall pass!

With God’s help, may I look back on this episode two months from now as just an inevitable speed bump on the unpredictable road of life!

14 thoughts on “At the Surgeon

  1. My goodness! I’m sorry that you’re going through this but am glad to hear surgery can be postponed until after Yom Kippur and that it will be as an out patient. Let’s hope this is the last medical problem of the New Year.


  2. Ah…..the waiting room. How many of these will we see?
    Best wishes for a smooth procedure and a quick recovery 😍


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