Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

Between Deuteronomy 15:4 and 15:11

(I encourage you to read Deuteronomy 15:4-11 before reading my poem)

By Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs


I find in Deuteronomy

A glorious proclamation:

“There shall be no needy among you

In any land or nation!” (15:4)


What a wonderful vision that is!

If only it were true,

But I note a few lines further

We have much work to do


“The poor will never cease to be,” (15:11)

The very next paragraph reads.

How can two such different views

Be almost rubbing knees?


The answer lies between

The conflicting thoughts we heard,

But we must follow closely

And take to heart God’s words!


There will be no poor who languish!

That will ONLY happen if,

All of us work together

To bridge the gaping rift!


The rift between those who have

And those whose shelves are bare;

Between those whose larders overflow

And those with nothing there.




You, who are hearing me today,

Are comfortable no doubt.

But all too many on God’s earth, 

Sadly, do without!


Without a home to keep them dry

No clothes that keep them warm,

In snow and sleet and wind and rain,

And every passing storm.


Others strive just to exist

Without enough to eat

Try feeding five on minimum wage.

That’s surely no mean feat.


Can our hearts make room for them?

Our bounty share at least?

It’s just not right that some have nil

While others freely feast!


Scripture’s charge to us is clear:

There is still much to be done,

Before our world and God’s will

Truly become one!


Yes. we all know the time’s not near

When ALL will heed God’s wish

So those of us who really care 

Must step up to the dish.


We can only thank God properly

With hearts and hands unfurled

When we embrace God’s charge to us:

Repair this broken world!






6 thoughts on “Bridging the Gap

  1. Indeed, Rabbi, that is most certainly the truth …. There is so much clutter, distraction, and so many sources of which effectively divert (and consume the energies inherent in) one’s ability to attend to the issues of the spirit ….

    …. I retrospectively thank G-d for the chronic illness of befell me as a child, of which I was wrapped up in, which allowed me to channel my attention, in that light ….

    …. A greater good at a later point in time: the foundational pre-requisite quality required for investing ( ❤ ).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seeing through the clutter is so difficult, Mark! That you can look back with gratitude on a childhood illness and the lessons you learned from it is most impressive to me.


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