Thank You, Vickie, for 46 Years


June 9, 2020

Thank you, Vickie, for marrying me 46 years ago today. Thank you for putting up with me and infusing my life with purpose and meaning that it could never have had without you.

Thank you for bearing and raising three different personalities and nurturing each to find his/her own way to make the world a better place.

Thank you for nursing me back to health each time I was seriously ill. You watched over me with loving fierceness and were right there to prevent mistakes that medical professionals were about to make.

It was love at first sight for me when I met you, and I am so very blessed that you decided to make the journey through life with me. You combine a wise person’s mind and heart with a beautiful young woman’s body and face.

Thank you for handling all our finances and relieving me of the frustration of paying bills and checking balances. I was not cut out for that.

We have been blessed to travel extensively and share many wonderful occasions. There have also been moments of worry, sadness and heartbreak.

Through all of life’s ups and downs there has been one constant, and indispensible saving grace: you have been there for me no matter what.

Over the years, I have asked each couple who invites me to officiate at their wedding: “Do you think you met by chance, or do you believe that in some way far beyond our ability to fully understand or explain that God brought you together?”

When I ask myself that question and think back on my life before you entered it, my answer is unhesitating. I believe with all my heart that God meant us to be together. Of all the things I have ever strived for, my highest goal in life is to try to be worthy of the priceless gift with which the Eternal one has blessed me.

I love you!


17 thoughts on “Thank You, Vickie, for 46 Years

  1. Wow! Our loving wishes for many more meaningful years together. BTW, I think Alan and I were meant by God to be together also.


  2. I remember when you got married All the Aunts including my Grandmother traveled to San Francisco. When my Grandmother returned I remember her talking about what a beautiful wedding it was. She had a photo of the 4 Aunts outside all dressed in long flowing gowns standing by flowers that she proudly displayed in the livingroom. Happy Anniversary!

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  3. Happy “46”.
    Thank you for sharing your private love journey.
    I agree that it was “beshert”.
    Wishing you 46 more❤️


  4. What an incredible journey you and Vickie have been on from the first steps you took together, even before your sacred moments under your chuppah and beyond! Yours is a precious partnership and love that has touched so many these many decades.

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