Back to Neumünster

Neumünster is where it all began in 2014 for Vickie and me here in Germany.

Since that time we have visited the Holstenschule, the academic school in that city some 20 times. Yesterday among the eleventh graders we addressed were several,who remembered us from when we spoke to their lower school grade five years ago.

Today we return to address another group of upper school students on the “Persecution of Jews ” in the Nazi era.

Yesterday we were asked:

“Do you still fear anti-Semitism?

“Yes,” I answered.

Anti-Semitism is a disease not like Polio, which we can cure, but like arthritis which we only hope to control.

It takes many forms. Among them:

Political — Jew control the government

Economic — the Jews control international banking.

Religious — the Jews killed Jesus

Racial — the Jews mutate an inferior gene pool and must be exterminated. That is the origin of the word, “genocide.” Sociologists coined this word to try to describe what Hitler attempted to do to us Jews: extirpate our polluted gene pool.

There can be no doubt. Anti-Semitic acts are on the rise in Germany in other places in Europe and in the United States.

Do I still fear anti-Semitism?

We all should!

Do I feel we do any good in Neumünster?

I hope so, but one thing is sure. We must keep,trying.

2 thoughts on “Back to Neumünster

  1. Humanistically-ethical behavior — beginning with a love for the neighbor and the stranger (as much as for one’s self) — begins with the self, which is a developmental dependency need …. When will the teachings of the society change direction?


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