Martin Answers God’s Call

Pastor Martin Pommerening

After 31 years of dedicated leadership of the Versöhnerkirche in Bad Segeberg, Germany Pastor Martin Pommerening, like Abraham of old has heard and heeded God’s call:

Go forth!” (GN 12:1)

He has accepted the position as Pastor of the St Peter and St Paul Church in Bad Oldesloe.

I consider it a great personal honor that Martin, with the approval of the Propst (Dean of Regional Pastors) Dr. Daniel Havemann has invited me to participate both in his service of farewell in Bad Segeberg and in his inaugural service in Bad Oldesloe.

 At the age of 61, it is not easy to begin a new pastorate. But Martin is so filled with enthusiasm and energy for the new challenge that awaits him; one has to believe he will be successful.

For me, Martin is a role model for what a spiritual leader should be.

He is a man of deep faith and great wisdom. Most importantly he cares deeply about people and their well-being.

Vickie and I have known Martin for five years now. We have been guests in his home for extended periods during each of those five years. There is no end to what Martin has done and continues to do to make our stays comfortable and productive.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the new church he will lead in Bad Oldesloe will be greatly blessed by his ministry.

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