Safe in Israel

After a long and somewhat harrowing journey including a still not delivered lost suitcase, I am safe in Jerusalem. With all we read about terrorism, “Safe in Israel” may seem like an oxymoron, but everything considered, I feel safer here than anywhere else in the world. 

Jet lag has a big effect on me, so even after a decent night’s sleep I am still tired. Today Vickie and I will do a bit of shopping to buy basic clothing in case my bag (God forbid!) doesn’t arrive.

Tomorrow I will lead a “Lunch and Learn” session for Hebrew Union College Rabbinical and Cantorial students before meeting up with our tour group for what promises to be an exciting and fulfilling ten days together.

Pastor John Danner and I have already conducted two 90-minute classes, while we were still in Sanibel, to give participants and others who attended an overview on the history and current reality of Israel. In addition Barry Roth and Alan Lessack have done an amazingly helpful and thorough job of briefing trip participants on all the particulars and logistics of the trip. Our group is ready to go.

That said unexpected things and not all of them pleasant — like my lost bag — might happen. I hope they do not, but if they do the most important antidote to these realities is the Hebrew word Savlanut.

Savlanutmeans, “Patience.” But it really goes beyond that. It means put the inconvenience you may experience in perspective of the bigger picture. Don’t let a minor mishap spoil a glorious trip. 

And have patience. As far as our trip goes, Pastor Danner, Alan, Barry and I will do our best to resolve difficulties that arise.

As for me, even if I have to wear the same clothes over and over and even if I have to hastily buy some clothes that I don’t really want or need, it is a small price to pay for the joy and the safety of being in Israel.

One thought on “Safe in Israel

  1. Experience tells me your bag will be returned to you. One year Herk’s went to Paris rather than Prague! Just took a day to get to us! Jet lag hits me coming home. Feel good soon! Joan

    Sent from my iPhone Joan Charlson



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