Sanibel Veterans Day Commemoration 2018

Eternal God,

Today, one hundred years to the day after the end of the War to end all wars—

We still send the bravest of our youth

To fight and die on fields of battle.

And, 80 years after the Nazis perpetrated the horrible Kristallnacht pogrom

That saw 250 synagogues set aflame

7000 Jewish shop windows smashed

And 30,00 Jewish men in Germany placed in concentration camps

Anti-Semitism, racism and other forms of hatred continue to run rampant in our world.

Indeed they are on the rise!


2800 years after the prophets dreamed of day

When we,  “shall beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks,” (Isaiah 2:4) —

2800 years after they dreamed that one day, “No one will ever again train for war.” (Ibid.)

We still must fight the forces of evil in our world.

And we ask as the sweet singer of Psalms asked:

“How long, O Eternal One?” (Psalm 74:10)

How long will we pursue the folly of violence, greed, corruption and war?

Instead of kindness, caring gentleness and compassion

How long?

Help us O God to realize that the best way to honor the valor and the courage with which soldiers have fought for the values America holds dear

Is to find a way that our children and grandchildren will never have to fight!

Help us, Eternal One, to find a way to end bloodshed and violence

And, help us, please, to find away to finally create the world in which

As the prophet Micah dreamed:

Where all shall sit under their vines and under their fig trees

With none to make them afraid! (Micah 4:4)



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