President Trump: Donate Mar-a-Lago As a Refugee Center

It would not completely solve the problem of refugees, but what a magnificent symbolic gesture it would be!

Mar A Lago is a 20-acre estate with a 126-room, 62,500-square-foot mansion. It would make a great center for welcoming refugees to our great country and helping them adjust to their new home.

There they could receive nutritious food, decent clothing, and quality medical care. A cash donation from the President would enable these services

While they are at Mar-a-Lago, officials could carefully vet the refugee residents. All of those found to be drug dealers or other types of miscreants could be sent home.

 What a game changer such a donation would be for Donald Trump! In one masterstroke he could change his image from venal to venerable. He could become the president with a heart of grandeur instead of greed. It would gain him millions of votes in the 2020 election.

Who knows how many future doctors, social workers, teachers, scientists, musicians and others contributing to the greatness of society would look back with gratitude at the chance for a better life they received at Mar A Lago?

Mr. Trump, you can always buy another place for your vacations. And Camp David is already at your disposal. There’s no reason to delay.

So, make the gift! You can save many lives and take a big step in fulfilling your promise to “Make America great again!”



9 thoughts on “President Trump: Donate Mar-a-Lago As a Refugee Center

  1. No, Bernard. Under my plan Mar A Lago would be staffed by workers with decent wages, safe working conditions, paid vacations and the same health care plan provided to members of Congress.


  2. If Donald Trump is the opportunist that of which we’re hoping for, it would certainly be grand …. Let us be social scientists, label it an “experiment,” and watch for the hopeful results ( ! ) …. Superb idea ( ❤ )


  3. Rifat, if we Rabbis confined ourselves only to “what will happen,” our tradition would be bereft of its inspiring ideals.
    ImAgine how many people told Isaiah and Micah tat their visions of a world without violence and fear were”pie in the sky”that will never happen.


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