Trump Be Gone

I have had it.

If real life was like the old Gong Show the late Chuck Barris would have pulled the plug on Trump’s tired act months ago.
I know. I am the guy who said, “Give the guy a chance,” a hundred-day chance, after the election. It did not take me that long to realize I was wrong.
How much should the American people bear?
It is too much: Tax cuts for the wealthiest, health care cuts for the poor, uprooting families, costing Americans outrageous amounts in security so he can vacation and golf to his heart’s content.
But then, when so many of us were sure Trump could do nothing right, he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Capitol, and told he UN to stuff their resolution condemning the action.
It is really bizarre.
Of course Jerusalem is Israel’s capitol.

It has been for 3000 years, and it has been the heart of Jewish souls even when it was not under our physical control.
So where does that leave us?
Trump is right as rain about Jerusalem, but on every other score we should drum him out of office.
It reminds me of 1939. In that year Great Britain led the world’s fight against Nazi Germany. In that same year Great Britain promulgated a White Paper so severely limiting Jewish immigration to then Palestine that it condemned untold numbers of Jews to death at Hitler’s hands.
David Ben Gurion’s advice then illumines our thinking today.
He wrote: We shall fight with the British against the Nazi as if there were no White Paper, and we shall oppose the White Paper as if there were no Nazis.
For Jews and other Americans of good will today we must applaud Trump’s affirmation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol. But we must oppose with all our strength his grinding the faces of the poor into the ground, his callous voiding of health care benefits for so many and his complete lack of personal dignity that has made America an object of ridicule around the world.
And so, here is my wish for Donald Trump in 2018:
Thanks for Jerusalem as you resign in disgrace!


3 thoughts on “Trump Be Gone

    1. Whoops – I just found this. Sorry. We cannot think beyond the point of what we know or learn. I suggest you change information sources for 4 months. NO TV. No person from New York or New York City. Try Heritage or Hillsdale College or Hoover Institution. Read their commentators then reassess.


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