He Won the Election So Give the Guy a Chance

Many of my liberal friends will not like this essay, but I am disappointed with the attitude of so many.

Face it. Whether we like it or not, Donald Trump won the election. Like George Bush in 2000 he lost the popular vote but no matter. According to the laws that govern elections in the United States of America he won.

He won quite handily.

He won despite the fact that everyone predicted he would lose. He won despirte the fact that the mainstream media ganged up on him and transparently wanted Hillary Clinton to win.

From the day of the election to this, many have campaigned to overturn the results. Professors, pundits, ordinary citizens have protested. Some Congresspeople  will actually boycott the inauguration.

To me it is just sour grapes!

My background is in athletics as a high school, college and local tournament tennis player. I learned very early: You play as hard as you can. You do everything you can to win, but if you lose you don’t make excuses.

You shake your opponents hand, congratulate him and hope to do better next time.

That is exactly what we should do as Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States.

I actively campaigned against him. The essays I wrote detailing why I thought Mr. Trump was totally unfit to be the leader of the free world attracted many times more readers than any of the other  350 plus entries I have written on this blog.

Despite my best efforts and those of so many others he won.

To compound matters, since he won, he has made appointment after appointment that fill me with trepidation for our country’s future.

But he won, and he has the right—with the advice and consent of the United States Senate–to appoint anyone to whatever position he pleases.

 Give the guy a chance!

If we truly want what is best for our country, then we must stop being sore losers and give the president our support and well wishes as he embarks on the world’s most difficult leadership role.

There is nothing to gain by trying to thwart the man before he begins

Let’s give him 100 days and see what he has done!

At that time if I am unhappy with the direction of his leadership, count on me to raise my voice in whatever way I can to protest.

That is the American way, and that is the way I think is best for our country!


8 thoughts on “He Won the Election So Give the Guy a Chance

  1. American way or not, is this the attitude the same as your Father would have had at the election of Adolph Hitler? I’m sorry, Steve, but AH needed less than 100 days to coopt all descent in the Third Reich. I’m definitely not with you on this. Sorry!


  2. I am terrified at the thought of what this cabinet may do; he has replaced a swamp with a pool of a sharks. People are frightened and angry about the likely loss of healthcare,women’s rights, clean air , family members, free press, and our Democracy to name a few. I think you underestimate the amount of fear that is driving these protests. Like Skip I see a Nazi playbook here – use of scapegoats, attempts to diminish and sideline a free press, promotion of The Great Supreme Hero, use of personal attacks Via Twitter against individuals and corporations and a constant and obsessive manipulation of the truth. I I also believe that the Trump Campaign colluded with both Russia and the FBI to win this election. So – using that sports metsphor, what happens when you find out that the refs threw the game?

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  3. I think we should give him a chance. It would be great it he makes positive change. But, if he acts on his campaign talk and his policies turn anti-immigrant, racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, or anti-women’s rights, then we must stand up and protest for equal rights…just as many Jews did during Civil rights marches in the 1960s. A good place for Trump to start to get me thinking more positively, would be to comment about the shootings at the MLK memorial in Miami or the bomb threats to JCCs across the country.


  4. It’s the American way when the so-called winner hasn’t conspired with Russia and some rogue FBI agents to throw the election. It’s the American way when the president-elect hasn’t inspired thousands of hate crimes in the short time since he “won” the election. It’s the American way when the commander isn’t someone who lies at every turn, even to himself. I like and support your values but this isn’t the right moment.

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  5. We will have to agree to disagre, David. I don’t hthink chicanery won the election. Trump struck a nerve that Hilllary couldn’t touch. How Re Russians going to make people vote for him? Ridiculous.
    I said all the things about Trump(maybe not as well) in essays beginning in December 2015, but my candidate lost and Trump one. Now is the time to try to influence him, not alienate him.


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