Disgrace in Tulsa!


Once again rogue policemen have violated their sacred trust “to protect and to serve.”

Four criminals dressed in the uniforms of the Tulsa Police Department, tried convicted and executed Terence Crutcher for the crime of having his vehicle break down while being Black.

He was unarmed!

The problem was these outlaws were supposedly trained and sworn in to serve on the force!

Robert Bates, a volunteer deputy has already  been charged with manslaughter foran April 2015 shooting. After watching the video from yesterday, it looks like Officer Betty Shelby committed cold-blooded murder!

How long?!

How long will our cities and our nation condone murder in the guise of law enforcement?

Robert Bates and Betty Shelby have disgraced the uniforms they wear, and their heinous crime is on public display for all the world to see. One can only hope they will be brought to swift and sure justice!

There are millions of eyewitness to their savage act!

But that is no consolation to the family of Mr. Crutcher!

All they can do is weep, and all we can do is pray and hope this will be the last time.

Sadly, it seems  like a faint hope and a flimsy prayer.


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