Injustice Begets Injustice

There is no justification for the wanton assassination of five police officers in Dallas. None whatsoever!

While I write these words unequivocally, there must be understanding.

For two years now we have seen graphic images of black men shot or beaten by white police officers. The camera does not lie. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that officers are using excessive force. It does not take a genius to know that a person does not deserve to die because he had a broken taillight or was selling cigarettes or videotapes without authorization.

 The Talmud warns us: “Justice delayed is justice denied. (Pirke Avot 5:7)

In the recent cases there has been no justice! There has been no resolution for the families of loved ones killed for being black in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rage has boiled over, and it struck—so very sadly—the innocent families of innocent police officers in Dallas. It is an unspeakable tragedy, and I hope the justice system will bring the perpetrators to justice quickly.

But it is a tragedy in response to horrific acts of malfeasance and abuse by police officers.

 Eyewitnesses videoed these actions, and all of us who do not close our eyes are also eyewitnesses to them. No region of our nation is without its horror story of police excessive use of force to recount.

 I cry for the families of the men in blue who died doing their sworn duty to protect and to serve. But their blood stains the hands of their fellow officers who shot without cause and snuffed out the lives of men who did not deserve to die.

2 thoughts on “Injustice Begets Injustice

  1. Shalom, Rabbi Fush
    I share your exposed. The human mind is hard to understand, we are imprevicibles..somos what we sow, sow often wrong, sow storm, we collect hurricanes. Societies create their monsters. We live in times that minds are poisoned, the media, movies, religions, no good education, a world worth what you have, do not speak of the spiritual this is the most important, people value the material, the outer beauty, not their own merit, one is genetic, the other is work. We have lost the value of life, we kill thousands every day, then we wonder these crimes? but as we come to this? the truth I have no answer. Thank you so much. Shabbat Shalom.

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