Trump May Be ISIS’ Legacy!

It is a fear growing larger in the pit of my stomach.

If between now and November President Obama and the free world cannot stop  ISIS’ terror and thwart their ability to put fear in our hearts, the prime beneficiary of that failure may be Donald Trump.

In the circles I travel no one (maybe I should say almost no one) is going to support or vote for Donald Trump. My feelings about him have only intensified since December 6 when I posted the essay about him that you can easily search for on this blog.

So what I write here is a fear not a hope, a nightmare not a dream.

If ISIS’ terror continues unchecked, whom do you think Joe and Jane Sixpack (or Sixshooter) among American voters are going to believe has the better chance of bringing this scourge to an end:

Rational, analytical Hillary or tough talkin’ Trump?

Many have compared the Trump phenomenon to Hitler in the twenties? It is a scary comparison, but it is not without merit. Hitler played on the anger and shame of Germany’s defeat in World War I.He promised strong, firm leadership to relieve Germany’s pain. He found scapegoats at which to target the people’s anger, and we all know how that turned out.

Trump is doing similar things. He chides Obama’s “weakness” in not “even” being able to defeat ISIS. He makes Muslim and Mexican immigrants his scapegoat just as Hitler did with Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and gypsies.

He promises to make America great again just as Hitler promised to restore Deutschland to glory!

He knows Americans are in Pain over ISIS, and he promises he has the answer!

We can wring our hands all we want. We can call him a bigot, a buffoon and a bully. He is all of those things and more. But if the free world cannot contain ISIS’ reign of terror, Donald Trump may well be (and my fingers tremble as I type the words) the next president of the United States.

The worst thing we can do is to think it will never happen!



9 thoughts on “Trump May Be ISIS’ Legacy!

  1. Rabbi, so well said and it is just too scary. If only all the anti Trump activities started last September, and not now, maybe he could have been stopped.


  2. At this point, I don’t think that there is a way to destroy ISIS, I want someone who could possibly slow them down. They are in Europe, ready to take over as the ropes are dropping; and they are here in the USA, ready to make it the ISA. If you recall, the scene in the movie “Godfather 2,” after seeing a rebel blowing himself up along with a soldier, Michael Corleone commented: The soldiers are paid to fight, and anyone who is willing to blow themselves up can win.”
    The question to ask is: “who will keep us the safest?”
    As for Obama, he is keeping his promise to no longer interfere in the middle east, we have colonized enough, you folks in the middle east are now on your own. So, a beheading, let’s go to the golf course. He is not weak, he is clever.


  3. As I watch the American Government on C-span and read the letters from my Senators that they send me about their work, I feel we need a brilliant man to go to speak to our representatives in Washington a man of principles. We need more than anything else a man that can unite the people that represent us. In the oversight committees some members say someone has broken the law and need to be impeached, others on the panel say they have not committed a crime, both cannot be true. When two political parties such as ours spend their time insulting each other on national T.V. during a committee meeting rather than seeking the facts of the case they are wasting their time and our money, as one Senator said we are wasting our time knowing the bill will never pass. As far as Isil, how many years did America put into power dictators in the land of the Moslem nations, knowing how the people were treated terribly with no hope for the future. One of my doctors who is Muslim is one of our members, he only wants peace for his family and children. When Americans see double standards when Senators and the rich never go to jail, when Secretary of State Clinton can reveal to all the world our secrets. And I was told while working for the Military I would spend years in prison if I revealed information on the projects that I was working on, it makes one wonder how we have ended in such a mess. As far as the race for President can we still tell our children and grandchildren that some day they could be President, when it cost 2 billion dollars to run for office?


  4. Dear and wonderful Rabbi Fuchs, I did not get to finish my statement sadly we have come to an era when non-believers rule, and foul language is the norm and the Divine Laws of G_d are taken out of the site of our children. With-out the acceptance of the Torah G_d on earth the American people have been on a path towards an evil time, a time when good leadership is rare. Please find a way that you may go to Washington and speak to our representatives, explaining decent human behavior that loyalty to party is not supreme but loyalty to Righteous, Justice for all people treating all nations with respect is. Our leaders say we will not see an end to terrorism in our life times, I disagree.

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