A Milestone

It gives me pleasure (but trepidation as well because I acknowledge it is self-promoting) to share that my book has just received its 30th AMAZON 5-star review.
This affirmation and the reception the German translation has received encourage me that its message is worth sharing.
It would be a joy for me to visit your community in 2017 to discuss the book and its approach to Torah and/or my experiences spending ten weeks in Germany during each of the past two years.
I began my career as a solo (and sole employee) in a 58-family community that could not afford to pay speakers. Fortunately, we grew together over 13 years to nearly 400 family units and had greater resources.
Because I will always remember those early years, I consider it a privilege to make myself available to congregations and other groups regardless of their budget. If you are interested, please be in touch.

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