A Powerful Message of Hope in These Very Dark Times

May I invite you to treat yourself to a beautiful message of hope!   This live performance—without the benefit of hi tech studio enhancers—features one of the truly great doo wop voices, Willie Winfield, fronting the Harptones. Winfield and the original Harptones first began performing in 1953.

I post this now because I am so in need of a message of hope.

The violence that rages across Israel is of great concern to all of us who want to see Israel live in peace with her Arab neighbors. Back in 1966—before the Six Day War—my Professor of International Relations at Hamilton College, the late Channing B. Richardson, who had lived and worked in the Middle East, said, “What strikes me most about the situation there is the complete absence of hope I feel for peace ANYTIME in the future.”

Never has the hope for peace—to my mind—seemed more remote than today. But I firmly believe we must hold on to that hope. Indeed it is for that very reason that Israel’s national anthem is התקוה, The Hope.

The Shrine of St. Cecilia was written in response to the devastation wreaked by World War II bombings. Winfield’s lead and (this incarnation of) The Harptones’ great backup harmonies express the message that the future WILL be better someday in a way that gives me goosebumps.

We all find our spirituality in different ways. For me certain doo wop songs with lyrics, harmony and a magnificent lead voice speak to the depths of my soul in a profound way. Perhaps this rendition will awaken hope in you as it does in me even in this time of darkness. I hope so.

“May the One who makes peace in the highest places, cause peace to reign upon us, upon all Israel and all the world!”

Shabbat Shalom!


Shabbat Shalom

2 thoughts on “A Powerful Message of Hope in These Very Dark Times

  1. good and timely message to never stop praying for and working toward harmony within our communities, this is our ‘impossible’ mission to partake in

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