This I Believe About God

The more I learn the more of a mystery God becomes. And the greater my faith grows that life has purpose and meaning!

Finding Ourselves In The Bible


My Unanswered Prayer

God and I have always had a very personal relationship. So it seemed natural to me that when I was 18 years old and stepped onto the ice for my first hockey practice at Hamilton College I offered God a deal: “God, if you make me an all-American hockey player, then, I’ll become a rabbi.” As any witness to my Hamilton hockey career can attest, God categorically rejected that proposal.

Now, a half-century later, I think God must have laughed at my offer and said. “Miracles I can perform, didn’t I part the Red Sea? But, Steve, you are asking too much. No, I have given you just enough athletic talent so that if you work really hard, you may achieve some limited success but you will learn important lessons that will help you for the rest of your life. As far as becoming a rabbi…

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2 thoughts on “This I Believe About God

  1. This i believe about our One G_d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
    First and foremost He has eternal love for all His creation, a love so great that when near to Him we have absolute knowledge of His eternal love for us.When given a mission by Him we will see and know of His Authority over all creation.Performing His mission that we are given is beneficial not only to His mission but also to us, i am starting to be able to write words with some competence, without my electric dictionary, I have brain damage.My prayer is to someday reveal to the world how much we can benefit from the Laws the Creator has given,to create a world of peace and harmony. So that He again can dwell with all His creation in His house for all nations the eternal third temple in Jerusalem forever in peace.

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