Acting on Principle

I switched my Rx’s to CVS
I felt that I must
It’s not about ease
It’s all about trust!

It’s less convenient
And parking’s not free
Unlike at the other
Big pharmacy!

There’s no drive through
On cold winter days
And by comparison
The store is a maze.

But these things
Matter less to me
than the fact CVS

2 thoughts on “Acting on Principle

  1. I am glad you are acting for what you believe in. There are too many people that don’t. I see this a political move from cvs though. Removing cigarettes from shelves doesn’t help someone quit, it is an addiction. Removing cigarettes doesn’t stop young people from starting the habit. If the company puts money into educating youth about the dangers of smoking, and assists interested people in quitting with the appropriate resources, then i say it is worthwhile for them to remove the cigarettes. Do you know if cvs is doing anything for smoking cessation and smoking prevention in youth?


  2. CVS has signs up advertising smoking cessation programs prominently behind the cash register. In that same location Walgreen’s sells cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. This is costing CVS millions (I would guess) in lost revenue. Not being party to an addiction that causes nearly half a million people to die each year may be, as you say, Lisa, “a political statement.” But it is a VITAL political statement, and I hope other pharmacies will follow suit.

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