How Quickly We Forget What We Should Remember Most

Quick comment on Torah portion Miketz and the Story of Joseph

While in the dungeon, Joseph interpreted the cupbearer’s dream, and told him that he would soon be released and restored to his post.

Remember me to Pharaoh, Joseph begged the cupbearer, because I was framed and don’t deserve to be here. (Genesis 40:14-15)

“Sure,” I would imagine the cupbearer answered, “No prob!”
But the cupbearer forgot about Joseph. (Genesis 40:23)

Later, when it could serve his purpose, he recalled and told Pharaoh.
There is this Hebrew in the dungeon who knows how to interpret dreams. (Genesis 41:9-12)

This minor incident in the Joseph story offers a wonderful look at human behavior. We quickly forget the kindness others do for us. But oh how we nurture our grudges!

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Shouldn’t we savor, recall, recount and try to repay every act of “Hesed” (the biblical word for loyalty and loving kindness) that people do for us?

And should we not program our memories to filter out more quickly the pain of insult and slight?

Should we not be as eager to be gracious to those on the lower edge of society as those in a position to help us?

May the lights of Shabbat and of Chanukah add light and warmth to our lives and encourage us to bring light and warmth to others!

One thought on “How Quickly We Forget What We Should Remember Most

  1. Nice, Steve. I remember once at a staff meeting we were reminded of human nature, to tell negative experiences to 10 people & positive experiences to 1. I think iy was in the setting of “take good care of your patients ” or “ask everyone to fill out a patient satisfaction survey”
    I wonder why is this our nature? Why are we more willing to express a negative experience? Why are we more willing to help when we see a reward?


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