השיבנו Take Us Back


Take us back, Eternal One!

Take us back to when we could absorb

The impact of each death

Before having to deal with the next,

And the next and the next …

Take us back , Eternal One,

Take us back to when we could visit

Our loved ones in the hospital

Our friends in their homes,

Our favorite stores and restaurants.

Take us back, Eternal One,

Take us back to a time we could embrace

Those we wish to embrace

And refrain from embracing

Out of choice, not necessity.

Take us back, Eternal One,

Take us back to when Food Banks were full

And the lines of those in need

Did not extend for miles.

Take us back to a time when connecting by computer

Was a supplement to

Not a substitute for

Connecting in person.

השיבנו ה׳ ונשובה.

חדש ימנו כקדם

Take us back, Eternal one,

And we shall return.

Renew our days as of old.

(Lamentations 5:21)

6 thoughts on “השיבנו Take Us Back

    1. May it be not too terribly long before our prayers are answered, Eternal one.

      I would add Rabbi,
      Give us the emotional strength, the patience, Eternal one, and the fortitude, to wait courageously until that day arrives. May it be so.

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  1. Take us back Eternal one
    When we looked out for our neighbour and beyond
    Take us back Eternal One
    When we worshipped you with full and loving hearts
    Take us forward Eternal One
    When we’ve regained what we lost
    Forward bearing a new earned and learned way of being
    That has little be for You and our fellow man at its centre
    Thank you Rabbi – all best to you and family

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